About Us
The latest eisteddfod to hit the west! Bringing the Sydney dance scene to you!

Perth Dance Challenge is the latest dance competition to hit Perth’s shores. Encouraging dancers to achieve their highest 
potential in a fun, positive and supportive environment.
PDC is in its third year, brought to you by a Sydney dancer, teacher and choreographer, Jodie Kannar.  Who wanted to bring a piece of the Sydney dance scene to Perth when she made the move West. 

2018 will bring us a new era 
of competitive dancing in Perth introducing new genres, Sydney dance professionals for adjudication and workshops. However, more than anything - another platform for Perth’s uprising of talented dancers to perform and compete with the best.

PDC would like to inform and announce that the 2018 Perth Dance Challenge will have two locations;

- MAY - Bunbury -  South West Italian Club, East Bunbury 
- AUGUST - Perth  - Venue TBA

Competing at PDC is all about opportunities. From special awards to the priceless critiques offered by our highly respected panel of judges, and the chance to perform with some of the most talented dancers in Western Australia. The emphasis isn’t on winning but personal gain and enjoyment. PDC encourages the dancers to meet dancers from other studios. Some remain friends for a lifetime – it’s about camaraderie!

A great opportunity is “Perth Dance Challenge” event. Open to all troupe dances at all levels. In 2018 we are continuing to offer solos, duo’s and trios at our Bunbury event after the success we had in 2017. Dancers come for the learning and performance experience.
PDC has set personal high standards in which they will endeavor to uphold always. The quality and friendly service as well as a focus on dance education are what we are all about and those traits we look forward to continuing in the future. 

PDC believes every dancer should experience the excitement and importance of their own personal achievement and contribution to their dancing. The most important thing is that participants will walk away after attending PDC with a feeling that their hard work and dedication towards something they love as much as dance is very much appreciated and enjoyed. At our events awards are given in a way that makes everyone feel proud of what they have accomplished regardless of the score.

We all need to remember; We dance for the passion, the rest is just for fun!!
Director: Jodie Kannar